If you don’t have time to finish watching a TV show or an interesting movie in the video library, you can return to the same moment later! 

Check out our new option on Roku TV, Apple TV, and the Android app, which lets you return to watching at your convenience. How it works? 

When watching a movie / program / series, select the “Bookmarks” section and click OK or click the icon / double click the navigation button (for Apple TV). 

The message “Successfully bookmarked” appears on the screen. Later you will need to go to the bookmarks section (for Roku TV: TV -> Bookmarks). 

And there you can resume viewing from a convenient moment for you. 

You can delete a bookmark by selecting the option “Delete from bookmarks” (EN: “Delete from bookmarks”). 

On Apple TV you need to hold the selected item to delete it. Note the bookmarking of the live event. 

This type of bookmark will be automatically deleted after 14 days (Archive). 

Later, the broadcast will not be available in Bookmarks or in the Archive. 

Enjoy watching PolBox.TV with the new convenient option on Apple TV, Roku TV and the Android app!

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