PolBox.TV has changed the format of the 'Invite Your Friends' offer to support all Poles abroad during quarantine. 

With the new conditions, you will be able to earn an additional your money from each successful invitation, and your friend will join the best Polish television with a 50% discount on a Premium monthly subscription. 

Invite only those who do not use the PolBox.TV service, have not taken a 3-day promo before and do not live with you. 

Then the reward will be automatically credited to you after a friend pays a promotional subscription. 

If you do not adhere to this condition, then the bonus from PolBox.TV will not be credited or will be lost! 

The actions you need to follow in order to invite a friend:

1) Login to your PolBox.TV account under your account; 

2) Enter the email of your friend here

3) We advise you to prematurely call your friend to tell him about the action; 

4) When your friend clicks on a unique link, signs up and buys a special subscription, you will receive a bonus of money from PolBox.TV! 

You can use the reward you received on your next order on the PolBox.TV page.

It will be automatically available in 'Checkout' (Cart -> Pay Securely Now -> Checkout). 

Payment from the bonus wallet also takes place with discounts and coupons!

You can view the received bonuses in your personal PolBox.TV wallet

In case you were invited to the PolBox.TV family: 

1) Open the letter from PolBox.TV and follow the link that is indicated in it; 

2) You will go to the page where your email address will be automatically indicated - register and confirm the entered data; 

3) Login to the created account. A special “Premium” subscription will be automatically added to your cart with a 50% discount. 

Make a purchase. 

ATTENTION: The options 'Pause' and 'Transfer time between friends' are not available for promotional subscriptions. 

Please note that all invitations sent BEFORE this promotion do not take part in it! 

When making a purchase with previously invited friends, you will receive a coupon for the usual 10% discount. 

At the end of the promotion, rewards and special subscriptions will be unavailable! 

The standard conditions for inviting a friend to PolBox.TV will return (coupon with a 10% discount for the person who invited). 

Take advantage of the new PolBox.TV special offer 'Invite Your Friends'!

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