Terms of the program: 

1. The calculation of the using Service Period begins with the activation of the loyalty program on our website. The time of previous use is not counted. 

The discount depends on the time of using our services (from the moment of starting the loyalty program): 

  • 3-5 months (90-150 days) - 2% 
  • 6-12 months (180-360 days) - 5% 
  • 12-24 months (361-720 days) - 7% 
  • Over 2 years (more than 720 days)  - 10% 

* The bonus is applied once these periods are reached. 

2. After the subscription expires and the subscription is not extend, the value of the bonus begins to decrease by 1% with each subsequent month of no purchase in our store. After returning to our services, the period of using our service starts anew, but the current 'reduced' loyalty discount will remain unchanged. 

3. The period of participation begins from the date of program activation on our part, and then from the date of the first purchase of new customers. The discount is automatically turned on after entering a personal account. 

4. The loyalty program is only available for active subscriptions. 

5. The bonus discount cannot be combined with other promotions and discounts. 

6. Dealers and customers with a social discount do not participate in the loyalty program.

Loyalty program activation date 30.06.2021

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